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Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Saturday Long Run With Aaron Linz...

On Friday I received an e-mail from one of the founders of the Charlotte Running Club, Aaron Linz, asking if I would be interested in running part of a 20-miler with him. I jumped at the chance! I live 5 miles from McAlpine Greenway (which hosts the Footlocker South region for high school cross country every year since 1979). I ran there and met Aaron right at 6:15am (runners are so prompt!) and we proceeded to run the next 10 miles in lock step at around 7:30 pace (still don't have a Garmin). I think Aaron has more energy than I do, and I got to hear about his Thursday workout which consisted of 6 X a mile with a 1 minute recovery as he continues his preparation for next April's Boston Marathon. He is going to Charleston for the weekend and we 're headed to Utah for the week and as we got back to the Park we said our goodbyes and I ran the 5 miles back home to get the day started. Usually I do my long run on Sunday so it was a nice change to do it on Saturday (a bonus to have Aaron along for half the ride (I already did 2 workouts this week.

For the next week I will probably be on the treadmill each morning unless someone in Deer Valley can show me some good trails (with snow) to run on...


  1. Ha, thx for the shout out. The pleasure truly is all mine the have the opportunity to learn from you. Happy Running :)

  2. Aaron...it is difficult to convey over the computer just how grateful and appreciative I am to be able to run with you and the rest of the "club"...thanks again!