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Monday, March 22, 2010

...on the road again!

It must be my affinity for all things music because I'm finding that some of my blog titles are also titles of hit songs. As much as I enjoy running on and doing workouts on the treadmill, you can start to get cramped up after 70 miles in 7 days. So when I woke up Sunday morning (after an awesome ski week in Utah) I was really looking forward to a nice steady 10-miler with just me and my i-pod. Cruising seven minute pace while cranking out 3 Doors Down and Rhianna was just what the doctor ordered. Saturday night on the flight back I had set my watch alarm for 5am so that I could do a 20-miler. When I woke up Sunday morning and saw that I had slept 'till 7:30am, I simply changed my run to a 10-miler...oh well!

On a side note, as we're flying back to Charlotte, my son taps me on the shoulder and said that we should go to 5 Guys (burger joint) after his lacrosse practice on Sunday...his treat! How cool is that?

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