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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

20 X 400 meters (on the street!)

Since I hadn't done an intense workout in a week and a half, by Sunday night I was itchin' to get after it! I gave Rich Falcone a call and he said he'd be at my house at 5:15am monday morning. Monday morning came and my watch said 5:20 (eek!). Fortunately, we had planned the workout the night before so I knew exactly where he would be, and he was there. After apologizing profusely, we continued on with our warm up. The workout is starting to turn into a staple and it is called the "Hammer 400" workout which I picked up from Ben Hovis. 20 X 400 meters (we did it on my street again this week) and every fifth one is run hard. I seemed to be gasping for air on all of the other ones as well. The recovery is a 30 second walk which seems to be just enough time to have the oxygen for the next one and not enough time to think about the pain/discomfort (no procrastinators). I was able to hang with Rich for the first 7 and then he started to drop the hammer. He runs so efficiently (he weighs 45 kg.) and he has no time for small talk, winers or the like. After he left, I did a mile and a half around the school...as hard as it was, it felt good to get a good workout in with a good friend...

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