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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mile repeats, at McAlpine, w/ Beigay!

Whenever I hear that we're doing mile repeats, my stomach drops!

I reached out to Billy and Mike to see if they would want to workout during Tuesday's miner run. Billy had worked out on Monday and Mike was game...cool!

We decided on 5 x 1 mile repeats using the 3rd mile of the Footlocker (was Kinney...that's old school!) cross country course followed by a 400 meter recovery. Here are the times:

5:28 (Mike was 5 seconds ahead)
5:27 (Mike was 5 seconds ahead and looking strong)

We were both very pleased with our workout. For me, the miles were challenging, yet my breathing returned to normal soon after completion.

A pleasant 2 mile cool down completed the workout and then Mike wished me luck on Friday night...if I run?

You down wit OPP?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meeting up on Sardis...

So last Friday morning, I parked my car on Lansdowne (only 1 D!) so after my workout I could make my quick getaway. I started running down Sardis Road when I noticed the thundering herd coming towards me. The pack included Paul, Jayback, Billy, Alex and Mike. We turned around and as we were approaching the start line of our impending heartache, we were all trying to figure out what we were going to do...I just knew it was going to hurt!

Jay was set on a progression run starting at 7 minute pace (whatever dude!) and going down from there. Paul was following Jay. Billy wanted to start at 6 minute pace and go down from there and do this for 45 minutes. Mike and I followed Billy. About a minute in, I could hear Jay and found out later that they started at 6:20 and quickly got under 6's. We were rolling and making good time. At about 22:40 in, Mike asked Billy how we were on time. I could tell Billy was working as was I, and that is when Mike surged. I went with him as the effort picked up. I couldn't hear Billy anymore. He would run 8 miles in 47:20 which was pre-marathon effort. Mike continued on as I maintained contact while working hard. At about 42 minutes in, we could hear footsteps and it was Paul realizing that there was ground to make up. Mike had let me catch up to him and that is when Paul got up to us and then at 45 minutes we were done with 7.75 for an average of 5:49 per mile on a tough rolling course. Jay came by looking outstanding as he begins to ramp up his training. Billy drove on...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Minuter's with Mike Beigay and Billy Shue

Last Tuesday, I met up with Mike Beigay and Billy Shue for a minuter workout. Since I've gotten off the treadmill last month, one of the aspects of my training that I have focused on is speed development. Real turnover!

Last Tuesday at McAlpine did not disappoint! After a 2 and a half mile warm up, we did a workout of 15 times 1 minute fast, 1 minute jog. On the first 5, we were trying to work out the kinks and kind of figure out how we all felt. After those 5, we all decided to alternate who lead. It was funny because when you were following, you felt like you could barely hang on. Yet when you were leading, you felt this sense of bravado that enabled you to fly for a minute. I remember not being able to hang on to Mike, yet not hear footsteps when I was leading.

After a 2 mile cool down, we were all pretty stoked (do people still use that expression?) I first heard it when I was out at Ironman in the early '90's...

Friday, May 6, 2011

A reunion run with Richard (Rocky) Falcone

I got a phone call (imagine that!) from Richard Saturday night asking me what I had on tap for Sunday morning. Since I had run long with Aaron Saturday morning, I was good for an easy 10 miler. He talked me in to running 12...no problem. The run was  humming along and we were discussing various topics as we usually do at a comfortable pace until he asked me the big question...what about Pippa? That was fun and funny...

We enjoyed discussing all of the pomp associated with the wedding and agreed that the Middleton girls are a think of pure beauty!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One fine run with Aaron Linz...

...that almost didn't happen!

I was planning on running Skyline (passed Billy and BMac in '10 at the 2 mile mark...Ha!) until I received a desperate e-mail from Aaron (our club President) asking if I would be so kind as to escort him on a 15 mile progression run at dark-thirty Saturday morning. People, when your club president asks you to do something, you do it!

My wife and I had our son's lacrosse team over for dinner after practice Friday night and with clean up afterwords, I got to bed late. When I woke up Saturday morning and looked at my Timex, the numbers said 5:45. That was the time that we were supposed to meet at the Arboretum. What do I do, What do I do? I got up and thought about running Skyline, thought about going back to bed, no, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, put on your shorts and drive to McMullen and run back towards the Arboretum to meet Aaron. That's what I did and it worked out perfectly. He ended up waiting 10 extra minutes for me so as soon as we met up, I turned around and we headed toward McMullen and just started chatting and catching up (he won a race the previous night). We ran down McMullen to the end and then made a right and headed back to the Arboretum (I wasn't going to let him run back alone!)

After I dropped him off and we said our goodbyes, I ran the 5 miles back to the park in 30 minutes. Once I got to the park, I ran 2 easy cool down miles for a total of 20 miles...a great way to start the day.

Thank Aaron!