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Friday, May 6, 2011

A reunion run with Richard (Rocky) Falcone

I got a phone call (imagine that!) from Richard Saturday night asking me what I had on tap for Sunday morning. Since I had run long with Aaron Saturday morning, I was good for an easy 10 miler. He talked me in to running 12...no problem. The run was  humming along and we were discussing various topics as we usually do at a comfortable pace until he asked me the big question...what about Pippa? That was fun and funny...

We enjoyed discussing all of the pomp associated with the wedding and agreed that the Middleton girls are a think of pure beauty!


  1. Hey- Saw you all in Running Journal Magazine about the world record---never ever been featured in Running Journal so its a first for me also!

    Hope things are well.


  2. Cool...I have not seen it yet my friend told me about it! When (if!) I get to Mississippi, we'll get together for a run...