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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meeting up on Sardis...

So last Friday morning, I parked my car on Lansdowne (only 1 D!) so after my workout I could make my quick getaway. I started running down Sardis Road when I noticed the thundering herd coming towards me. The pack included Paul, Jayback, Billy, Alex and Mike. We turned around and as we were approaching the start line of our impending heartache, we were all trying to figure out what we were going to do...I just knew it was going to hurt!

Jay was set on a progression run starting at 7 minute pace (whatever dude!) and going down from there. Paul was following Jay. Billy wanted to start at 6 minute pace and go down from there and do this for 45 minutes. Mike and I followed Billy. About a minute in, I could hear Jay and found out later that they started at 6:20 and quickly got under 6's. We were rolling and making good time. At about 22:40 in, Mike asked Billy how we were on time. I could tell Billy was working as was I, and that is when Mike surged. I went with him as the effort picked up. I couldn't hear Billy anymore. He would run 8 miles in 47:20 which was pre-marathon effort. Mike continued on as I maintained contact while working hard. At about 42 minutes in, we could hear footsteps and it was Paul realizing that there was ground to make up. Mike had let me catch up to him and that is when Paul got up to us and then at 45 minutes we were done with 7.75 for an average of 5:49 per mile on a tough rolling course. Jay came by looking outstanding as he begins to ramp up his training. Billy drove on...

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