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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 miles, 60 minutes, 1% grade, treadmill...tough!

So after Saturday's race effort, I had 2 nice 'n easy 7 milers that served as muscle massagers...

This set me up nicely for this mornings stress workout. What made this workout difficult was the fact that I ran it from 5:30am to 6:30am and I only got out of bed at 5am. I did have a good night sleep (the Packers lost!)

The workout was a marathon paced run on the treadmill. The speed was set at 10 miles an hour (six minute pace) for 60 minutes. The key for me for this workout was to have the incline set at 1% (I know that it doesn't sound like much, and it isn't, yet at times you feel like you may go off the back if you don't keep your foot on the gas. I didn't fall off!

At 30 minutes some negative thoughts started to creep in to my head but a good song on the ipod squelched those thoughts and I was able to roll on. I was pleased with the effort and I plan to do one more workout on the treadmill (I'm thinking 13 miles at 6 minute pace w/a 1% grade) We'll have to see how the progression goes...I would do it at 8 in the morning. Yet another piece...

Easy 7 milers the rest of the week to be set up for Saturday's "jaunt" with Jason G. Holder and Co. We'll see how long we can hang...should be fun!

Question: What Duke grad from San Fran won Sunday's 5th Avenue mile?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hit the Brixx 10k Race Recap!

Last Saturday, it was back to seeing all the familiar faces at the races!

The venerable who's who of Charlotte running included: Hadley, Kinley, Rogers, PMain, Crockford (x2), Holder, BMac, Shue, Harris, Austin (x2), AA, Rose, etc. Notable absentees (report to the principal) included: Nedlo, Isaacs, etc...

In the spirit of full disclosure...we had a football game in Raleigh on Friday night and I did not get home until 2am and then to bed at 3am (no milkshake! Since running with Megan, I've become lactose intolerant...whatever!) Anyway, since my legs have been feeling really good as of late, I wasn't too concerned about the short sleep.

After running a nice and strong 60 minute marathon paced run on Tuesday with Caitlin and Jordan, I had 3 easy 7 milers for the rest of the week leading up to the Brixx...

I parked at the Dowd so that after the race I would have a guaranteed cool down. After I picked up my bib 'n chip, I warmed up with Alice Rogers and got to hear her play by play of the Blue Ridge Relay from the previous weekend. She assured me that the vans were odor free (I was thinking not so much!) Right before I got to the line, I said hi to Tim and Mark and wished Alana good luck. I was thinking 5:50 pace...

The gun goes off (actually someone dropped their hand) and we were off. Kinley goes to the front, and this time, 4 or 5 people go with him. Hadley is all alone for the women. I'm with Chad. We settle into a nice rhythm, and for the first mile and a half, we pick a few people off. As we were cresting 7th, I was not able to stay with Chad and he got away (it was a very good day for him). After going by Harris Jr. for the first time this year, I had my sights set on Alejandro (sore foot) who I wouldn't catch until the 6th mile and finish a respectable 9th overall. I was pleased with the effort and the pace (5:51). Yet another piece of what is the NYC marathon puzzle. 10 mile marathon paced run in the morning...

Notable performances were turned in by Jordan, Paul, Jay (who thought the course may have been long), BMac, Billy, Chad, Alana, Alice and Danielle!

After tomorrows MP run, I'll have 3 easy/recovery days before Saturday's simulator at McMullen. Please join us if you are able...7:30am for a 1 mile warm up, 16 miles at marathon race pace, 3 mile cool down...go Bears!...I'm a Viking fan...

Question: Back in the 60's, what great American distance runner ran 350 miles a week for 6 straight weeks and later on in life went awol on his family?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Davidson Half Marathon: Race Recap!

I had a long tempo/marathon paced run scheduled for this past Saturday so when I saw that there was a half marathon up in Davidson, I decided to run it.

I am really enjoying my training and especially only doing 2 workouts a week. I am on a 7 day cycle which allows for 2 recovery days for one workout and 3 recovery days for the other workout. I could really use an 8 day cycle but functionally that doesn't fit into my schedule (certainly no complaints here).

After Wednesday's workout with Paul and Jason, I ran 2 very easy 7 milers to be somewhat fresh for Saturday's thirteen point one.

This race was neat in that you could see online who was entered into the race. In looking over the entrants, I decided that I would finish in 5th place. 1 through 4 would be: Jay, Aaron, Tim, an unknown and then me...

I parked on Griffith so that I could make my getaway after the race (no joke: I ended up getting home at 9:31am). I had to walk the dog and my son had a football game (he's starting to figure it out...very cool!)...Budic, get ready!

As I was running up to get my bib, I saw Aaron and Jay who had just completed their pre run of about 8-10 miles(?) I got about a 2 mile warm up in...felt o.k. Got up to the start line and tucked in behind Justin Breland (would go on to finish 2nd overall) and he gave me a sip of water...

The gun goes off and I immediately "settle" in to 6 minute miles which I clicked off rather comfortable for the next 13 miles. It was a hilly course (my interpretation) and I just ran behind a guy on a bicycle until the last turn.

Besides feeling very comfortable, the highlight of the run was at the turnaround when Aaron and Jay were screaming for me (that was neat), and then the rest of the run all of the other runners were saying very nice things to me (oh to feel like Jordan Kinley for a day!)...ha!

The race director said that he would mail me all my goodies...

Yesterday was neat 'cause I got to run a ten miler at McAlpine with Megan Hovis (somehow she got me to run an extra 3) and I got to hear all about her Australia marathon experience (Houston qualifier!)...an easy 7 this morning as Caitlin Chrisman and I are doing 60 minutes at marathon pace tomorrow morning...great stuff!

Question: What great American marathoner never broke 2:10?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brit, A Journalist, Lansdowne...and Me!

So after Saturday's simulator, I had 3 days of easy 7 mile runs to aid the rejuvenation process...

This set me up nicely for what transpired this morning: 3 X 13 minutes of strong running, with a 2-3 minute recovery.

The players involved were myself, Paul Mainwaring (looking sprightly) and Jason G. Holder (aka...the Jaunting Journalist).

After a couple of miles of warming up, some butt kicks and stretching and a little procrastination...off we went!

Now is when I am supposed to tell you what pace we ran for each 13 minute segment. And since I don't where a Garmin...I can't! And frankly, I could care less! I have always been an effort based runner, and I won't change now (unless, of course, someone gave me a Garmin...ha!)

We all had run this workout a couple of months ago and I tell you that to show that when I got to the point of where my watch had read 13 minutes then...this time I was at 12:20. I was covering more distance.

Paul looked like he was driving through the whole workout. Jay looked like he would lead Paul early and then tuck in behind. Although they both gaped me pretty early on the first 2, I was hoping that I could catch Jay on the 3rd one...he was too strong!

I need to take a moment to thank Mark H. for having me do this workout and focusing on some turnover. I think it will set me up nicely for my next effort. After another 2 easy days of 7 milers, on Saturday I will run 13 miles at marathon race pace in Davidson. Another piece...

Question: Who finished 2nd in the 1988 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship presented by Bud Light and his 12 year old daughter just ran a 16:48 cross country 5k against college athletes?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Marathon Simulator!

On Friday night, our football game did not get over until 11pm and I did not get home until midnight. And with my milkshake, I didn't get to bed until 1am. That, however, was not going to stop me from taking part in what transpired on Saturday morning in Huntersville!

About a week ago, an e-mail from Bill Shires started circulating regarding a planned 10 mile warm up, followed by a 12 mile marathon paced run, and finally a 2 mile cool down. I immediately thought of 2 things: #1. this is exactly the type of workout that fits into my training for New York and #2. when Ryan Hall and Terrance Mahan were training for London '08, they would focus on their "marathon simulator" run. Their plan was 10 @ 6 min. pace, 10 @ 4:55 pace,and 2 cool down.

On Saturday morning, I pulled into the Huntersville Business Park at 5:20am and immediately spotted Mike Beigay. Caitlin and Jay followed. Followed by Paul, Nathan, Derrick, Adam, and Bill. What a group...I was stoked!

The 10 plus mile warm up was a nice comfortable pace and I got to chat with Adam who I just met that morning (very nice). I thought Jay was a little quiet and I asked him if he was getting himself ready for the second loop...he was! I asked Paul how his breathing was and he said that he felt like he was walking...oh boy! As for my first loop, I was feeling pretty good. I couldn't get a read on Bill (it doesn't matter with Bill...he always brings it!) Caitlin was chatty...and fit!

After we got our Gu, water, bathroom breaks and flats...here was the plan:

Nathan (super nice expectant guy who I also just met that morning and would take pictures of us on our second loop and supply Gatorade and bananas) and Derrick (I thought was AJ) would sit out the second loop.

Paul and Jay would absolutely "rock" a 58 minute 10 mile tempo! And...

Mike, Bill, Caitlin, Adam and myself would do the 12 miler...

Mike was awesome especially when he threw in a 5:57 uphill 3rd mile that left us all somewhat gassing. I recovered quickly and decided to throw in a surge of my own. Caitlin was glued onto my right shoulder blade until she turned right to go on and run 10 miles at 6:10 pace (which, incidentally, was my pace for the 12 miles). Bill would go on to run a total of 28 miles! Adam looked good the whole way to think about a sub 3 for his next one. A mile and a half cool down to finish the run.

Special thanks for all of Nathan's support! That was a nice touch. Thanks, also, to all of the runner's for bringing their A game. Another piece of the NYC puzzle for me...

In looking at my training from last year, I was doing 3 workouts a week plus a long run, and 3 10 mile recovery runs. This year, I am doing 2 runs a week and that includes my long run, plus 5 easy 7 milers. My training is sort of based off of Kyle and Drew Shackleton's training for their last marathon...lots of marathon paced running.

For this week my 2 workouts are: a 3X13 minute interval workout on Wednesday morning, followed by a 13 mile tempo (marathon pace) run up in Davidson on Saturday morning.

I would appreciate any comments regarding my training...thanks!

Question: Who was the first man to break 27 4 10?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York City...Dialed In!

After reading Mark Hadley's lastest post, I was inspired to write my own!

Mark has a crafty way of articulating what all of us distance runners are experiencing. In his latest post, Mark talks about "callusing" your mind so that you can better handle the demands of marathon paced runs.

The day after I ran Greekfest (20 seconds faster than last year), I started my New York City Marathon training in earnest. First of all, because of the solid 5 thousand, I went into my specific training with a bit of confidence.

That first Sunday run a week and a half ago with Caitlin and Jordan was almost an hour and a half of marathon paced running. It was difficult, and it was a start. 2 easy days of 7 mile runs followed.

That set me up for my 12 mile tempo run on the treadmill at 6 minute pace for 72 minutes of solid running (no hills and no wind resistance). Another 2 easy days followed.

Last Saturday, it was time for a hilly, solo, road 20 miler. Mark talks about 3 different paced long runs. On this one, I wanted to do the steady 7 minute pace one. 2 hours and 12 minutes later, the run was completed...I was pleased. Another 3 easy days followed (1 solo and 1 Miner's run).

This set me up for this morning's run which was a 10 mile tempo run at marathon pace of about 6:15/mile. My actual time on this hilly run was 1:02:40...not bad. I was supposed to run with Caitlin(tight calf) as she'll be back on Saturday.

Saturday's run will be 10 miles at around 7:30 pace, followed by 12 miles at marathon race pace, 2 mile cool down.

So after 8 months of 300 plus miles a month and 3 workouts a week and 4 easy days of 10 mile runs, I am now doing: 1 long mpr, 1 long run (1 MPR option), and 5 easy 7 milers...

Comments on my training? Thanks...

Question: Who can tell me why , in 1998, their were 2 movies about Steven Prefontaine made?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treadmill Tempo Run

My plan on Wednesday morning was to do a 10 mile tempo run on the roads.

I guess I was watching too much U. S. Open tennis on Tuesday night because when I woke up Wednesday morning my Timex had the time at 6:36 ante meridiem. My first thought was that I had a nice "lie-in"...British speak for sleeping in!

After quickly doing the math, I realized that I would not be able to get my early morning jaunt in. So after taking the kids to school and getting to work (one in the same), I readjusted my plan to do my 10 miles on the treadmill. I am a big fan of the treadmill (as I am a fan of hills, long runs, barefoot running, sand dunes, track workouts, etc.)

Let me say briefly that I understand that running on the treadmill does not carry the same degree of difficulty as the roads or the trails. Having said that, you also cannot let up!

Incidentally, the Alaskan Christine Clark trained exclusively on the treadmill for the 2000 Olympic Marathon Trials (which she won).

After getting my ipod all set up, I hit start and went right to 10 miles an hour. After a bit, I realized that my breathing was controlled and my form seemed relaxed...I was having a good run. After a half an hour of this, I readjusted the workout to make it a 12 miler. I, therefore, finished 72 minutes after I started...pleased!

As I said on Facebook (that right, Spada is now on Facebook), that workout was 1 piece of the New York City Marathon puzzle!

Thoughts of the treadmill?

Question: Who stayed with Hicham El G. when he took down Nourredine Morceli's mile record back in '99?