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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hit the Brixx 10k Race Recap!

Last Saturday, it was back to seeing all the familiar faces at the races!

The venerable who's who of Charlotte running included: Hadley, Kinley, Rogers, PMain, Crockford (x2), Holder, BMac, Shue, Harris, Austin (x2), AA, Rose, etc. Notable absentees (report to the principal) included: Nedlo, Isaacs, etc...

In the spirit of full disclosure...we had a football game in Raleigh on Friday night and I did not get home until 2am and then to bed at 3am (no milkshake! Since running with Megan, I've become lactose intolerant...whatever!) Anyway, since my legs have been feeling really good as of late, I wasn't too concerned about the short sleep.

After running a nice and strong 60 minute marathon paced run on Tuesday with Caitlin and Jordan, I had 3 easy 7 milers for the rest of the week leading up to the Brixx...

I parked at the Dowd so that after the race I would have a guaranteed cool down. After I picked up my bib 'n chip, I warmed up with Alice Rogers and got to hear her play by play of the Blue Ridge Relay from the previous weekend. She assured me that the vans were odor free (I was thinking not so much!) Right before I got to the line, I said hi to Tim and Mark and wished Alana good luck. I was thinking 5:50 pace...

The gun goes off (actually someone dropped their hand) and we were off. Kinley goes to the front, and this time, 4 or 5 people go with him. Hadley is all alone for the women. I'm with Chad. We settle into a nice rhythm, and for the first mile and a half, we pick a few people off. As we were cresting 7th, I was not able to stay with Chad and he got away (it was a very good day for him). After going by Harris Jr. for the first time this year, I had my sights set on Alejandro (sore foot) who I wouldn't catch until the 6th mile and finish a respectable 9th overall. I was pleased with the effort and the pace (5:51). Yet another piece of what is the NYC marathon puzzle. 10 mile marathon paced run in the morning...

Notable performances were turned in by Jordan, Paul, Jay (who thought the course may have been long), BMac, Billy, Chad, Alana, Alice and Danielle!

After tomorrows MP run, I'll have 3 easy/recovery days before Saturday's simulator at McMullen. Please join us if you are able...7:30am for a 1 mile warm up, 16 miles at marathon race pace, 3 mile cool down...go Bears!...I'm a Viking fan...

Question: Back in the 60's, what great American distance runner ran 350 miles a week for 6 straight weeks and later on in life went awol on his family?


  1. Great race Stephen, you looked very strong coming up 7th Ave!

    Trvia answer: Gerry Lingren, aka "Gerry The Jogger" on LetsRun message boards. Still likes to tell many tall tales so its hard to determine what is real versus what is a tall tale when it comes to his training.

  2. You're so right! That's why the computer age/internet is so great because your times are right there for all to see...thanks!