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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Brit, A Journalist, Lansdowne...and Me!

So after Saturday's simulator, I had 3 days of easy 7 mile runs to aid the rejuvenation process...

This set me up nicely for what transpired this morning: 3 X 13 minutes of strong running, with a 2-3 minute recovery.

The players involved were myself, Paul Mainwaring (looking sprightly) and Jason G. Holder (aka...the Jaunting Journalist).

After a couple of miles of warming up, some butt kicks and stretching and a little procrastination...off we went!

Now is when I am supposed to tell you what pace we ran for each 13 minute segment. And since I don't where a Garmin...I can't! And frankly, I could care less! I have always been an effort based runner, and I won't change now (unless, of course, someone gave me a Garmin...ha!)

We all had run this workout a couple of months ago and I tell you that to show that when I got to the point of where my watch had read 13 minutes then...this time I was at 12:20. I was covering more distance.

Paul looked like he was driving through the whole workout. Jay looked like he would lead Paul early and then tuck in behind. Although they both gaped me pretty early on the first 2, I was hoping that I could catch Jay on the 3rd one...he was too strong!

I need to take a moment to thank Mark H. for having me do this workout and focusing on some turnover. I think it will set me up nicely for my next effort. After another 2 easy days of 7 milers, on Saturday I will run 13 miles at marathon race pace in Davidson. Another piece...

Question: Who finished 2nd in the 1988 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship presented by Bud Light and his 12 year old daughter just ran a 16:48 cross country 5k against college athletes?


  1. That would be Mike Pigg's daughter.

    I beat Hadley to it this time!

    I wouldn't have known it had I not seen it on Letsrun.

  2. I saw it there as well. How about Chloe and Alana training together? Good stuff...

  3. I knew you were gunning for me on that last one!

  4. All I can do is chase...you looked awesome!