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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 miles, 60 minutes, 1% grade, treadmill...tough!

So after Saturday's race effort, I had 2 nice 'n easy 7 milers that served as muscle massagers...

This set me up nicely for this mornings stress workout. What made this workout difficult was the fact that I ran it from 5:30am to 6:30am and I only got out of bed at 5am. I did have a good night sleep (the Packers lost!)

The workout was a marathon paced run on the treadmill. The speed was set at 10 miles an hour (six minute pace) for 60 minutes. The key for me for this workout was to have the incline set at 1% (I know that it doesn't sound like much, and it isn't, yet at times you feel like you may go off the back if you don't keep your foot on the gas. I didn't fall off!

At 30 minutes some negative thoughts started to creep in to my head but a good song on the ipod squelched those thoughts and I was able to roll on. I was pleased with the effort and I plan to do one more workout on the treadmill (I'm thinking 13 miles at 6 minute pace w/a 1% grade) We'll have to see how the progression goes...I would do it at 8 in the morning. Yet another piece...

Easy 7 milers the rest of the week to be set up for Saturday's "jaunt" with Jason G. Holder and Co. We'll see how long we can hang...should be fun!

Question: What Duke grad from San Fran won Sunday's 5th Avenue mile?


  1. Nike's Shannon Rowbury, coached by John Cook.

  2. No relation to Craft Karhu's Jordan Kinley, formally coached by John Gregorek! Nice race on Saturday...

  3. Honestly, Steve, I don't know how you do it. 3 am to bed up and racing the next morning. 10 miles on the tread mill.

    You are one tough customer. :)

  4. That is kind of you, however, you race like a beast! (@ 45 no less)...