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Monday, September 20, 2010

Davidson Half Marathon: Race Recap!

I had a long tempo/marathon paced run scheduled for this past Saturday so when I saw that there was a half marathon up in Davidson, I decided to run it.

I am really enjoying my training and especially only doing 2 workouts a week. I am on a 7 day cycle which allows for 2 recovery days for one workout and 3 recovery days for the other workout. I could really use an 8 day cycle but functionally that doesn't fit into my schedule (certainly no complaints here).

After Wednesday's workout with Paul and Jason, I ran 2 very easy 7 milers to be somewhat fresh for Saturday's thirteen point one.

This race was neat in that you could see online who was entered into the race. In looking over the entrants, I decided that I would finish in 5th place. 1 through 4 would be: Jay, Aaron, Tim, an unknown and then me...

I parked on Griffith so that I could make my getaway after the race (no joke: I ended up getting home at 9:31am). I had to walk the dog and my son had a football game (he's starting to figure it out...very cool!)...Budic, get ready!

As I was running up to get my bib, I saw Aaron and Jay who had just completed their pre run of about 8-10 miles(?) I got about a 2 mile warm up in...felt o.k. Got up to the start line and tucked in behind Justin Breland (would go on to finish 2nd overall) and he gave me a sip of water...

The gun goes off and I immediately "settle" in to 6 minute miles which I clicked off rather comfortable for the next 13 miles. It was a hilly course (my interpretation) and I just ran behind a guy on a bicycle until the last turn.

Besides feeling very comfortable, the highlight of the run was at the turnaround when Aaron and Jay were screaming for me (that was neat), and then the rest of the run all of the other runners were saying very nice things to me (oh to feel like Jordan Kinley for a day!)...ha!

The race director said that he would mail me all my goodies...

Yesterday was neat 'cause I got to run a ten miler at McAlpine with Megan Hovis (somehow she got me to run an extra 3) and I got to hear all about her Australia marathon experience (Houston qualifier!)...an easy 7 this morning as Caitlin Chrisman and I are doing 60 minutes at marathon pace tomorrow morning...great stuff!

Question: What great American marathoner never broke 2:10?


  1. Congrads, Steve. That course is really tough so way to bring it home.

  2. Thanks Bill! Hopefully we can get another run in before Twin Cities...

  3. Lots of them but you are probably referring to Frank Shorter the 2 time Olympic Gold medalist (in my opinion).

    Congrats on the win this past weekend and excellent training block you are in. Looks like the 2 workout per 7 day microcycle is fitting you perfectly.

  4. Great Mark! You nailed it with Frank Shorter (I always found that interesting that he never broke 2:10). As for my current training block, my body is telling me that I need 3 easy/recovery days in between effort based workouts.

  5. I always see this way too late..its OK I wouldn't have gotten that one anyway :) Awesome job on your race, Spada! This is great going into NY!

  6. Loved running with your at McAlpine on Sunday Megs! That was funny this morning with Paul as I was chasing Jordan's shadow...Ha!

  7. Spadatacular! I'll bet that felt good!

  8. It did. Now you 'n me gotta make some noize in the Big Apple! See 'ya on the 7th...