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Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 miles in 57:24...NOT on the treadmill!

While I tried hard to recruit more horses to help with the load of this workout, having Paul was awesome.

We rocked this workout! The reason why I posted that it was not on the treadmill is because I have been doing quite a few of my workouts on the treadmill. This 10 mile tempo run was performed on the path of McMullen starting at the start, turning around at the 5 mile mark, and running back to the start. The goal was 60 minutes...

We both got to the parking lot at just north of 6:30am, and proceeded to do a nice and easy 2 mile warm up. I was hoping that more people would show up yet this was not to be the case.  GO...

In my mind I knew that in November I had run a 58:50 for this same workout chasing Billy and running real well at the time. Right now, I am in the middle of my 10th straight 82 mile week so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.    

Paul and I said go and we were off! We rolled to the 5 mile turn around point in 28:48 and never looked back. Paul hit his watch at 56:58 and I was just behind in 57:24! I was jacked! 1 mile cool down...
A special thanks to Brian McMahon for the 2 shout outs!

With no races in sight, this was a very good workout for both Paul and I. Paul is racing next Saturday and I feel for his competitors...Ha!

Question: Does anyone else run on the treadmill?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Richard, Aaron, Paul, Jay...and Me!

Before Paul went on his Disney trip, he was smart enough to round up the troops (horses) for a brisk 6 mile tempo which took place last Saturday at McAlpine. For most, this would be followed by some track work up at Christian.

Before I tell you about the workout, I must say that I blew off my favorite training partner (CaitCris) on Friday for her workout which she nailed (Sorry!)

So Richard Falcone, Jay Holder, Aaron Linz, Alex Wernikoff, Paul Mainwaring and myself set off for a 2 mile warm up to the XC start. From there, we proceeded to run the next 6 miles at sub 5:50 pace (34:55). The guys in front of me looked great (I finished in the back) and from there I had a 2 mile cool down and the horses took to the track for some speed play. Great way to start the day...thanks guys!

For this Saturday, I am meeting Paul at 6:30am @ McMullen for a 10 mile tempo/progression run if anyone is interested...should be fun!

Question? He was just acquitted of gun possession charges along with attempted murder charges and is an Olympic marathon champion. Who is he? 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mile Repeats!

Seeing everyone around me put up some nice numbers is making me a little antsy (my first race of the season is not until mid march!) I'll just keep training...

Jumped on the treadmill this morning for a mile repeat workout and after a nice 2 mile warm up, here is what transpired:

5 x 1 mile at 5:27 pace (11.0mph) w/ a 1% incline...1/4 mile recovery jog. Cool down.

These miles were a bit challenging yet I persevered by maintaining good form. Speaking of form, over the last couple of years, I have been focusing on my arm carriage and the 180 step stride rate. Well, I have something else to work on. After reading Jack Daniels' Running Formula book, he recommends 2 breaths in with each step, and then 2 breaths out. As it turns out, I am taking 2 breaths in with each step, yet I am only expelling 1 breath out! This may have something to do with my side stitch issues that I have been having over the last 3 NYC marathons. Let me explain...

Over the last 8 weeks I have been running a 20 miler and taking in a Gu half way through with no stitch issues. Therefore and probably, the carbohydrates that I were taking in had nothing to do with the stitches that were coming on. When I discussed this with Scott Greenapple last November, he suggested that in some way, I could be putting pressure on my diaphragm. I may not be expelling enough air. I am going to start taking deeper breaths AND breathing out for 2 steps. I'll report back...

Back to training, 3 easy ten milers for the next 3 days and then the fun starts Saturday at McAlpine @ 8am...should be fun! A 22 miler scheduled for Sunday...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Long Run Increase

After 6 straight Sundays of a steady and hilly 20 miler, I knew it was time to bump it up.

It was only a two mile increase to 22 miles, yet it felt good.

Most running experts agree that physical adaptations occur after 6 weeks of a given stimulus, and last weeks run felt routine. I was looking forward to the increase...

I will plan on keeping this long run in my weekly training regime all the way through my fall marathon preparation. When my fall marathon prep does commence, one of the long runs that I will focus on will be structured as such: first 2 hours at a steady tempo, and then the last 40 minutes at marathon race pace (which will be about 6 minute pace for me).

I'll plan on running some (5) mile repeats tomorrow morning, easy 10 mile runs the rest of the week before a dandy on Saturday: 6 mile tempo with the charges, followed by some track work at Christian...looking forward to it!

Question: She became the 3rd person from CRC to qualify for the Olympic trials. Who is she? 

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 mile Tempo (Progressive Effort)...

Once I realized that I was not going to be running the 5k tomorrow, I decided to do some sort of effort based workout this morning.

I got my inspiration for this mornings workout from 3 different sources. They are:

*Meb Keflezighi...I am currently reading his latest book entitled: Run to Overcome. On Friday, he does a 5-15 mile tempo run that is very challenging for him. Since I am not even near marathon mode, I opted for the 5 miler.

*Bill Shires...one of Bill's recent posts was about the run up to the top of the Duke Energy building. The thought of that got my heart racing and gave me fodder for how I was going to construct this morning's workout.

*Mark Hadley...In one of Mark's recent posts, he talks about ramping up the effort of a workout as you approach the end of it. This to simulate the feeling you experience as you move through a race.

So here is what I constructed...nothing fancy:

5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill (I chose the treadmill because of what I wanted to accomplish...you'll see!) After a 2 mile warm up:

Below is all at 6 minute pace...

Minutes 1 thru 5...flat gradient
Minutes 6 thru 10...1/2 % gradient
Minutes 11 thru 15...1 % gradient
Minutes 16 thru 20...1.5 % gradient
Minutes 21 thru 25...2 % gradient
Minute 26 @ 2.5 % gradient
Minute 27 @ 3 % gradient
Minute 28 @ 4 % gradient
Minutes 29 & 30 @ 5 % gradient

Followed by a 3 mile cool down.

Again, nothing fancy and very controlled.

Hey guys, thanks for the inspiration!

Prediction (no question today): I think that John Compton will run a 1.09:41 in his half marathon debut...

Thanks for reading...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 x 1 mile repeats...on the treadmill!

Thinking that I might jump in the Cupid's Cup 5k on Saturday, I decided last night to do a mile repeat workout this morning on the treadmill at work.

Nothing fancy: 5 x 1 mile @ 5:30 pace(11.0mph) all with a 1% incline. Full recovery...

Felt good. It's interesting, not having done a real workout since November, I'm surprised at how good I feel with all of these easy miles and long runs. I have to say, I am really focusing on my minimal arm swing/carriage, and the all important 180 steps per minute (stride rate). I am definitely not plodding...most of the miles are just over 7 minute pace.

My Super Bowl was at 2pm on Sunday...let me explain:

Now don't get me wrong...I love my American football! (I am a long (suffering) time Vikings fan. I still can't believe that the Packers won...

So anyway, perusing Let's Run.com last week I noticed that the Boston Indoor Games were going to be televised on ESPN2 on Super Bowl Sunday from 2-4pm. So the first thing I do is get the clearance from my wife! By the way, at 1:59pm, she asked me to walk the dog...I did! I think I mumbled some unkind words under my breath...

The telecast was awesome and there is something about knowing all of the players (I am a geek!) that really makes it very interesting and compelling.

If you ever look at the right hand column of my blog you'll see that I have a few items of running related interests. One of those is "The Voices". As much as I was sorry to see Larry Rawson leave his position as lead commentator for track & field telecasts, it was with great pleasure that he was replaced by one of my all time favorite commentators...Tim Hutchings! The man is simply brilliant!

Tim's running career highlight was when in 1984, at the Olympic Games of Los Angeles, he finished 4th in the 5ooo meters behind (if my memory serves me correctly): Said Aouita, Antonio Leitao and Marcus Ryffel. In the booth, he is flanked by a man who always does his homework: Ato Bolden and the astute Dwight Stones. Down on the infield is the great questioner, Mr. Lewis Johnson.

Question: Who finished last in the great 5ooo meter final in Los Angeles of '84 (he was the world record holder whose pelvic had tilted during his semi-final)?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tempo w/ Hovis, Compton, PMain & Falcone!

So the e-mail went out from Budic to the messanger (Paul) calling for an 8 mile tempo, followed by some track work for some, and more tempo for others. For me, the 8 mile tempo was plenty fine...

The takers were stout! They included Ben Hovis and John Compton who are both training diligently for the Myrtle Beach Half coming up in a couple of weeks, Richard Falcone who was his his usual fit self, Paul Mainwaring who was chomping at the bit for a quality workout, and myself who was just happy to be included in the e-mail train...Ha!

We all met up on Sardis and did the usual jerk around until it was time to line up at the start on Landsdowne to get after it!

My goal for the 8 mile tempo was 48 minutes...my actual was 46:40...I was pleased! I won't bore you with the details except to say that I absolutely did not go near the well...the other guys looked fabulous!

Question? Who is now the lead announcer for the televised track meets (one of my all time favorites!)?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Post has no Title!


The Boston Indoor Games are this Saturday and it is shaping up to include some fine distance running fields! Do tune in...

I did another treadmill hill workout Wednesday morning which included 10 x 2 minute work bouts of 10 mph and 5 % grade...felt good.

All of my filler/easy runs are 10 milers with over 7 of those miles on the Race Fest Half course. Seven minute pace is getting more and more comfortable as the base continues to grow.

Since I have been running from work later in the morning, I really have missed the Miner's...sorry guys & dolls! For Bill, I believe that it is a signature run...

I am looking forward to Saturday's 8 mile (M&M)r with the fast crue...should be fun!

Good luck to CRC's Alana Hadley who is running in a competitive cross country race this weekend...

Glad to have Jay Holder back running from his injury. As for the DNC...not!

Question (this is tough): Today's post title refers to what Reginald Dwight tune from "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?"