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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5 x 1 mile repeats...on the treadmill!

Thinking that I might jump in the Cupid's Cup 5k on Saturday, I decided last night to do a mile repeat workout this morning on the treadmill at work.

Nothing fancy: 5 x 1 mile @ 5:30 pace(11.0mph) all with a 1% incline. Full recovery...

Felt good. It's interesting, not having done a real workout since November, I'm surprised at how good I feel with all of these easy miles and long runs. I have to say, I am really focusing on my minimal arm swing/carriage, and the all important 180 steps per minute (stride rate). I am definitely not plodding...most of the miles are just over 7 minute pace.

My Super Bowl was at 2pm on Sunday...let me explain:

Now don't get me wrong...I love my American football! (I am a long (suffering) time Vikings fan. I still can't believe that the Packers won...

So anyway, perusing Let's Run.com last week I noticed that the Boston Indoor Games were going to be televised on ESPN2 on Super Bowl Sunday from 2-4pm. So the first thing I do is get the clearance from my wife! By the way, at 1:59pm, she asked me to walk the dog...I did! I think I mumbled some unkind words under my breath...

The telecast was awesome and there is something about knowing all of the players (I am a geek!) that really makes it very interesting and compelling.

If you ever look at the right hand column of my blog you'll see that I have a few items of running related interests. One of those is "The Voices". As much as I was sorry to see Larry Rawson leave his position as lead commentator for track & field telecasts, it was with great pleasure that he was replaced by one of my all time favorite commentators...Tim Hutchings! The man is simply brilliant!

Tim's running career highlight was when in 1984, at the Olympic Games of Los Angeles, he finished 4th in the 5ooo meters behind (if my memory serves me correctly): Said Aouita, Antonio Leitao and Marcus Ryffel. In the booth, he is flanked by a man who always does his homework: Ato Bolden and the astute Dwight Stones. Down on the infield is the great questioner, Mr. Lewis Johnson.

Question: Who finished last in the great 5ooo meter final in Los Angeles of '84 (he was the world record holder whose pelvic had tilted during his semi-final)?