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Friday, February 11, 2011

5 mile Tempo (Progressive Effort)...

Once I realized that I was not going to be running the 5k tomorrow, I decided to do some sort of effort based workout this morning.

I got my inspiration for this mornings workout from 3 different sources. They are:

*Meb Keflezighi...I am currently reading his latest book entitled: Run to Overcome. On Friday, he does a 5-15 mile tempo run that is very challenging for him. Since I am not even near marathon mode, I opted for the 5 miler.

*Bill Shires...one of Bill's recent posts was about the run up to the top of the Duke Energy building. The thought of that got my heart racing and gave me fodder for how I was going to construct this morning's workout.

*Mark Hadley...In one of Mark's recent posts, he talks about ramping up the effort of a workout as you approach the end of it. This to simulate the feeling you experience as you move through a race.

So here is what I constructed...nothing fancy:

5 miles in 30 minutes on the treadmill (I chose the treadmill because of what I wanted to accomplish...you'll see!) After a 2 mile warm up:

Below is all at 6 minute pace...

Minutes 1 thru 5...flat gradient
Minutes 6 thru 10...1/2 % gradient
Minutes 11 thru 15...1 % gradient
Minutes 16 thru 20...1.5 % gradient
Minutes 21 thru 25...2 % gradient
Minute 26 @ 2.5 % gradient
Minute 27 @ 3 % gradient
Minute 28 @ 4 % gradient
Minutes 29 & 30 @ 5 % gradient

Followed by a 3 mile cool down.

Again, nothing fancy and very controlled.

Hey guys, thanks for the inspiration!

Prediction (no question today): I think that John Compton will run a 1.09:41 in his half marathon debut...

Thanks for reading...

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