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Monday, February 14, 2011

Long Run Increase

After 6 straight Sundays of a steady and hilly 20 miler, I knew it was time to bump it up.

It was only a two mile increase to 22 miles, yet it felt good.

Most running experts agree that physical adaptations occur after 6 weeks of a given stimulus, and last weeks run felt routine. I was looking forward to the increase...

I will plan on keeping this long run in my weekly training regime all the way through my fall marathon preparation. When my fall marathon prep does commence, one of the long runs that I will focus on will be structured as such: first 2 hours at a steady tempo, and then the last 40 minutes at marathon race pace (which will be about 6 minute pace for me).

I'll plan on running some (5) mile repeats tomorrow morning, easy 10 mile runs the rest of the week before a dandy on Saturday: 6 mile tempo with the charges, followed by some track work at Christian...looking forward to it!

Question: She became the 3rd person from CRC to qualify for the Olympic trials. Who is she? 


  1. You nailed it! I am very happy for you. Good for you for flying under the radar...