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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mile Repeats!

Seeing everyone around me put up some nice numbers is making me a little antsy (my first race of the season is not until mid march!) I'll just keep training...

Jumped on the treadmill this morning for a mile repeat workout and after a nice 2 mile warm up, here is what transpired:

5 x 1 mile at 5:27 pace (11.0mph) w/ a 1% incline...1/4 mile recovery jog. Cool down.

These miles were a bit challenging yet I persevered by maintaining good form. Speaking of form, over the last couple of years, I have been focusing on my arm carriage and the 180 step stride rate. Well, I have something else to work on. After reading Jack Daniels' Running Formula book, he recommends 2 breaths in with each step, and then 2 breaths out. As it turns out, I am taking 2 breaths in with each step, yet I am only expelling 1 breath out! This may have something to do with my side stitch issues that I have been having over the last 3 NYC marathons. Let me explain...

Over the last 8 weeks I have been running a 20 miler and taking in a Gu half way through with no stitch issues. Therefore and probably, the carbohydrates that I were taking in had nothing to do with the stitches that were coming on. When I discussed this with Scott Greenapple last November, he suggested that in some way, I could be putting pressure on my diaphragm. I may not be expelling enough air. I am going to start taking deeper breaths AND breathing out for 2 steps. I'll report back...

Back to training, 3 easy ten milers for the next 3 days and then the fun starts Saturday at McAlpine @ 8am...should be fun! A 22 miler scheduled for Sunday...


  1. How did you aggregate your breathing to your stride cadenance?

  2. Bill, if I understand the question, by matching 2 breaths in with 2 steps, followed by 2 expiration's and 2 steps. In theory, it makes sense. However, when I practiced it during the last 2 mile repeats, it proved very challenging (uncomfortable!) Thanks...

  3. I think you mean 2 steps per breath in / 2 steps per breath out, and not two breaths in with each step. Though you do seem to have the idea right, the wording also trips me up when trying to explain it.

    Daniels does make a comment about occasionally going to a 2/1 rate for "the latter stages of an intense middle distance race", "the last third of a race", and "the latter stages of an interval session". Even a 1/1 rate for the final minute of a race, but who's counting breathing at that point?!

  4. Paul...great explanation and point! You nailed it...
    As for running, we're doing a tempo this Saturday @ McAlpine starting at 8am...would love to have you join us!