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Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Post has no Title!


The Boston Indoor Games are this Saturday and it is shaping up to include some fine distance running fields! Do tune in...

I did another treadmill hill workout Wednesday morning which included 10 x 2 minute work bouts of 10 mph and 5 % grade...felt good.

All of my filler/easy runs are 10 milers with over 7 of those miles on the Race Fest Half course. Seven minute pace is getting more and more comfortable as the base continues to grow.

Since I have been running from work later in the morning, I really have missed the Miner's...sorry guys & dolls! For Bill, I believe that it is a signature run...

I am looking forward to Saturday's 8 mile (M&M)r with the fast crue...should be fun!

Good luck to CRC's Alana Hadley who is running in a competitive cross country race this weekend...

Glad to have Jay Holder back running from his injury. As for the DNC...not!

Question (this is tough): Today's post title refers to what Reginald Dwight tune from "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?"


  1. Yeah I was actually just thinking today that I hope to get a chance to run with you soon. I figured you'd be opening your house up to some delegates! No?

  2. The run...Yes! The delegates...oh boy!
    I'm meeting the guys tomorrow at McAlpine @ 8:15am if you can join us...

  3. I plan to be there, but I won't be doing a tempo!