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Monday, January 31, 2011

January Mileage...372!

All of these miles were done in singles* (that is Mark Wetmore Speak for running only 1 time per day). Most of the miles were run with an easy/relaxed tempo, and I was able to run five 20 milers within the month. I ran a couple of treadmill runs and a couple of tempo runs with Paul and Billy. Clearly, this was a base building month which I plan on continuing through February and into March.

After running 3,635 miles in 2010, I am surprised how well my body does hold up. Knock on wood, I have only had 1 injury in the last 20 years of running since I started running consistently. What do I contribute this to? I am very sure that luck has a lot to do with it! Beyond that, here is what I do: I soak my body with nutrients (meaning that I eat all the time), I sit and or walk slow the rest of the day (my wife says that the only thing I do fast is run!...I would even argue that!), this might sound contraindicated, yet I wear flats/light weight trainers almost all of the time. That way I engage a plethora of muscles, ligaments, muscle tendons, etc. with each foot strike. Believe it or not, I run on cement most of the time.

I started weight training earlier this month and I am enjoying it. More for aesthetic reasons that anything else.

Question: Who just won the Wannemaker Mile at the Garden?


  1. Hey! I'm enjoying your blog. When you say you wear lightweight trainers/flats, do you mean on your runs, or just around during the day when your are not running? I just finished Born to Run so I know some of the thought proces now to a minimilist shoe approach. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Dan! As you know, I always enjoyed watching you and Charlie P. run for Christian. As for the lightweight trainers, I meant to say that I wear them during my runs/workouts. I wear cross trainers the rest of the day.
    Glad you like the blog (I am a geek!) Now that I am done coaching wrestling for the winter, hopefully I will be able to post more...