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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not feelin' it!

This morning I ran my weekly treadmill run and did not feel that great. I set the speed at 6 minute pace (10.0 mph) and ran for 1 hour (10 miles). It started to feel difficult after 10 minutes so I knew that the rest of the workout would be a grind. Obviously some days you feel better then others, yet I was still able to summon the mental toughness to press on for 50 more minutes.

As I told my son 2 weeks ago when he got pinned in the 1st period in 4 of his 5 matches (pinned in the 2nd period in the other), we grow and develop as a person during the challenging times. The following week he would go on to register his first fall (pin).

We, as runners, train 360 days a year with very little extrinsic reward (maybe 2 or 3 really good races a year), yet how we feel after each daily run is priceless. So what I am trying to say is that I was happy that I was able to get something out of today's workout even though I wasn't feelin' it!

Question: Who took Louie Zamperini's picture in the Berlin Stadium after his 56 second last lap to finish 8th in the Olympic 5000meter final?


  1. who took his picture? not entirely sure, but I know that Hitler asked to see him, and he said "so you are the man with the fast kick!" and the shook hands.

  2. Daniel...you're right on! It was Joseph Goebbles, the Furher's minister of propaganda...

    By the way, I always enjoyed watching you compete for Christian...great stuff!