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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 X 2 minute (10mph, 5% grade) workbouts on Treadmill

Since it was raining this morning, I decided to run on the treadmill (as most of you know, I like the treadmill as much as any other surface).

All of my runs over the last 5 weeks have either been 10 mile easy runs, 20 mile long runs, or an occasional threshold run as I continue to build my fitness. I also started to incorporate some weight training into my programme for general fitness.

Today, on a whim, I decided to throw in a repetition workout of 10 workbouts as prescribed by Jack Daniels in his book titled "Running Formula."

The workout called for 10 x 2 minutes of hill running (10 miles an hour at a 5 % grade) on the treadmill with equal recovery. During the 10 minute warm up, since I had mirrors and a clock, I was able to focus on my arm carriage and the all important 180 foot strikes per minute.

The workbouts were challenging yet I could feel that I was really opening up my thorasic cavity. My hope is that these type of workouts will make 6 minute pace feel that much more controlled.

Do you KNOW how much "sub 2.40:00" means to me?

Question: Who just pulled out of London with an injury (hint...crackers!)?