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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Richard, Aaron, Paul, Jay...and Me!

Before Paul went on his Disney trip, he was smart enough to round up the troops (horses) for a brisk 6 mile tempo which took place last Saturday at McAlpine. For most, this would be followed by some track work up at Christian.

Before I tell you about the workout, I must say that I blew off my favorite training partner (CaitCris) on Friday for her workout which she nailed (Sorry!)

So Richard Falcone, Jay Holder, Aaron Linz, Alex Wernikoff, Paul Mainwaring and myself set off for a 2 mile warm up to the XC start. From there, we proceeded to run the next 6 miles at sub 5:50 pace (34:55). The guys in front of me looked great (I finished in the back) and from there I had a 2 mile cool down and the horses took to the track for some speed play. Great way to start the day...thanks guys!

For this Saturday, I am meeting Paul at 6:30am @ McMullen for a 10 mile tempo/progression run if anyone is interested...should be fun!

Question? He was just acquitted of gun possession charges along with attempted murder charges and is an Olympic marathon champion. Who is he? 


  1. nice run! We'll link up for a workout soon. I know you are so speedy! Are you opening at the four miler?

  2. yeah that is me caitlin not garrett

  3. Jordan...thanks for checking in! You nailed it brother...

  4. Caitlin...I was confused! I don't know when my first race of the year will be now that we are going to Barbados! I'll miss the corporate cup as well. We'll hook up soon...