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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York City...Dialed In!

After reading Mark Hadley's lastest post, I was inspired to write my own!

Mark has a crafty way of articulating what all of us distance runners are experiencing. In his latest post, Mark talks about "callusing" your mind so that you can better handle the demands of marathon paced runs.

The day after I ran Greekfest (20 seconds faster than last year), I started my New York City Marathon training in earnest. First of all, because of the solid 5 thousand, I went into my specific training with a bit of confidence.

That first Sunday run a week and a half ago with Caitlin and Jordan was almost an hour and a half of marathon paced running. It was difficult, and it was a start. 2 easy days of 7 mile runs followed.

That set me up for my 12 mile tempo run on the treadmill at 6 minute pace for 72 minutes of solid running (no hills and no wind resistance). Another 2 easy days followed.

Last Saturday, it was time for a hilly, solo, road 20 miler. Mark talks about 3 different paced long runs. On this one, I wanted to do the steady 7 minute pace one. 2 hours and 12 minutes later, the run was completed...I was pleased. Another 3 easy days followed (1 solo and 1 Miner's run).

This set me up for this morning's run which was a 10 mile tempo run at marathon pace of about 6:15/mile. My actual time on this hilly run was 1:02:40...not bad. I was supposed to run with Caitlin(tight calf) as she'll be back on Saturday.

Saturday's run will be 10 miles at around 7:30 pace, followed by 12 miles at marathon race pace, 2 mile cool down.

So after 8 months of 300 plus miles a month and 3 workouts a week and 4 easy days of 10 mile runs, I am now doing: 1 long mpr, 1 long run (1 MPR option), and 5 easy 7 milers...

Comments on my training? Thanks...

Question: Who can tell me why , in 1998, their were 2 movies about Steven Prefontaine made?


  1. Congrats on a strong race at Greekfest and such a great start to your NYC build-up. You really have things rolling, a testament to your hardwork, dedication and consistancy in training.

    Your training has been great, my only other comment would be to make sure touch base with your speed from time to time in your marathon build-up to maintain your efficiency and turn-over. Strides can help along with an occassional Groove, VO2 Max or Fast Interval workout as a break to your various LT, AT and MP tempo runs.

    I'm sure on your Pre question, I guess I'll have to defer to Jordan for the answer.

  2. Thanks Mark! I have some speed workouts with Paul coming up so we should be adle to cover that aspect of my training. Keep the great posts coming...