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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miner's Run...(with one headlight!)

This morning I met up with Megan and Mo (and Paul for the first 2 miles) at Providence Day for our weekly "Miner's Run". This was a small group that included only 1 headlamp. Although we only ran the first 2 miles together, Paul Mainwaring and I managed to talk about his close races with my steady training partner, Rich Falcone, his tempo run at Shamrock last Saturday, his wife and my affinity for 80's British pop music, and I even told him that I started a blog. He was excited to check it out and said he would sign on...cool! Two miles later when we got to McAlpine, we said goodbye to Paul...Megan, Mo and I headed onto the trails. Megan seemed to have a bounce in her step and proceeded to run the next 8 miles in around 7:15 pace. Mo and I were content to just hang. It's always neat to run with these young, fast and accomplished runners that make you feel 20 years younger (me being 44!)...

p.s.- today's blog title has a reference to a mid-nineties pop rock song. What is it?


  1. One Headlight by The Wallflowers

  2. Oh man...I read this too late..I was going to say that as well!! I like that song :) I'm excited to read your blog!

  3. Megs...thanks for checking in! I really appreciate it. I can't believe you found my blog. Anyway, they'll be more questions for you to answer...