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Monday, March 29, 2010


#1.) Who holds the men's mile world record?Time?

#2.) Jock Semple tried to remove this women from the '67 Boston Marathon. Who was she?

#3.) In the summer of '81, this British duo traded the world mile record back-n-forth-n-back-n-forth. Who were they?

#4.) He wore a Timex Ironman watch during the '91 Supreme Court hearings. Who was he?

#5.) His marathon PR was almost 1 hour faster than Al Gore's when he ran for president. Who was he?

#6.) Phidippides ran from the plains of Marathon to what city?

#7.) She ran 10.49 in '88. Who was she?

#8.) In Rome in 1960, he smoked the field in the "15". Who was he?

#9.) She won World Cross 3 years in a row and then finished 3rd in the ten thousand in '92. Who was she?

#10.) Pretty tough...he threw in a 59 second lap in the early stages of the 5k in '88, nobody went with him, and nobody could catch him. Who?

...Good Luck!


  1. Very nice, I have added it to my favorites list.

  2. Bill, thanks for signing on, I appreciate it! This blogger stuff is all new to me...we're working on it...

    p.s.- for those of you not aware...Bill has been relegating me to the runner up spot in the Master's races over the last 3 years here in Charlotte (one tough competitor)

  3. I love it! Here goes my guesses.

    1. Hicham El Guerrouj (El G) 3:43.13
    2. Kathy Switzer
    3. Seb. Coe / Steve Ovett
    4. Clarence Thomas
    5. John Kerry (????)
    6. Athens
    7. Florence Griffith Joyner (FloJo)
    8. Lynn Jennings
    9. Herb Elliott
    10. John Ngugi (incredible bravery and incredible move!)

  4. oppps, I mixed up 8 and 9

    8 is Herb Elliot and 9 is Lynn Jennings

  5. Mark...great running with you and Alana on Sunday! You know your stuff (90%!)#5 is George W. Bush. Keep up the informative work on MPR...