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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Marathon Simulator

On Tuesday I ran my first stress workout of the week solo and it consisted of a road 10 miler with 7 X 5 minutes w/a 2 minute recovery jog embedded (did reporters during the Afghan/Iraq conflict make that word vogue?) in it. Following that, it was 3 easy/recovery runs of 7 miles each which took me about an hour to run.

Although, knock on wood, I rarely get injured, in the last 2 weeks I've had my share of kinks (L-O-L-A!) First, when I ran the 10 by 800 behind Jay and Paul: I pulled my hamstring on the push off of #1. Second, on an easy 7 miler, my left foot developed a pain that came on at mile 2 and was gone by mile 6 (oh well). Third, my lower back started to mildly hurt last week. Forth, I felt like I had a rock in my throat last week that made it difficult to swallow (it's almost gone). OK, I'm done complaining.

I tell you all of this to try and explain why I did not complete my simulator this past Saturday. My plan was to run 10 miles on the roads (it was mostly the Racefest course by my house), then jump on the treadmill at work/school for 10 miles, and then run a 3 mile cool down to home.

Actual: 10 mile road run in 1:14:00 (nice and comfortable)
8 mile treadmill run in 48 minutes (6 minute pace) 1 % grade
3 mile cool down back to my house...

The concern for me was that I planned to do 10 miles on the treadmill and I fell short. I was frustrated for a couple of hours afterwords, and then I realized that it was my body's (central governor) way of telling me that I was done (sore throat?)...

A nice 'n easy 9 mile recovery run yesterday an and easy 7 miler this morning should set me up nicely for tomorrows stress workout...

Other stuff: The Yankees are done, the Vikings stink (they are my 2 favorite sports teams) Out to dinner on Saturday night at a nice burger joint on East Blvd. spotted Jordan Kinley (my son was impressed!)

Question: What Carolina Panther was a 3x High School 400 meter sprint champion?


  1. You're awesome! In the spirit of full disclosure, Billy knew the answer, yet HIS computer would not let him comment (thanks BofA!)...Ha!