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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lungstrong 15k Race Recap

Saturday was a beautiful day to run what turned out to be almost 9.5 miles according to most everyone's Garmin. Since I don't wear one, it was 9.3 for me in 55:12 @ 5:56 pace for 1st Master and 15th overall. 5 more workouts until the big day and I'm looking forward to each one!

It was a beautiful rolling course over the streets of Cornelius and around Lake Norman with a whole host of CRCer's coming out to put on a good performance. They included: Jordan (who came straight from his Ekiden race in Japan), John (who picked off my good friend Rich at the 8th mile...no relation to M & M!), PMain (who just gave himself and his coach a huge confidence boost for Richmond with his performance), Jay (I use to beat Jay...that was then, this is now, I knew he was ready after his 800m workout on Wed.), Aaron (he and I found the good parking spots), BMac (tellytubby to follow!), Billy (are the PR's ever gonna stop for this kid?), the Crockfords (just back from ChiTown), the Hadley's (Alana would claim top honors for the women), and the Hovis' providing the cheering section!, etc.

Personally, I opened up with a 5:58 mile and just kept each of the 9 miles under 6 minute pace and felt reasonably well doing it. I Got to run with Doug Campbell, Chad Crockford and Greg Issacs during the run which really made the race fly by...went home and had a nice 'n easy 7 miler with the dog (I am not a dog person but it's 3 against 1!) SOL...

This week I have a 6 X 5 minute w/ 2 minute recovery workout on Tuesday and a 10 mile road run followed by a 10 mile treadmill run at 6 minute pace and 2 c/d on Saturday (22). 5 easy/recovery days to fill in the week.

Question: He won the 5ooom, 10,000m, and the marathon at the Olympic Games of Helsinki. Who is he?


  1. Emil Zatopek- who gives hope to all of us runners who have supposedly terrible 'form'!

  2. That would be you and me! A fine performance was had by you on Saturday...brilliant! Another piece...

  3. Nice run Stephen, Looked for you but didn't see you after the race. NYC is getting close!

  4. Thanks Mark. I had to get home, make breakfast, and take the dog for a run. Looked like Alana had a nice, strong run. Were you all pleased?