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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Randolph Road Hill Repeats

This past Tuesday was my first stress workout of the week (I am currently only running 2 stress workouts a week). I only had 2 recovery days since Saturday's marathon paced run and I could have used 3! I wanted to save the 3 for this Saturday's 20 miler (2 X Cherokee Rd. loop from Dowd) Anyway...

Back in 2000 when I was preparing for my assault on the Charlotte Marathon, every Monday I would go to Randolph Rd. (it was convenient since we lived in Cotswold at the time) and run up and down the section from just past Shasta up to Sardis Rd. I thought it would be a good idea to do this workout as another simulation of what I would be experiencing in the big apple in 4-5 weeks (that would be those 5 bridges that we have to run up!)

Each repeat takes about 2 minutes to climb and 3 minutes to descend and I ended up running 11 repeats for a total workout of 10 miles. I focused on climbing aggressive and yet staying smooth at the same time. Looking forward to Saturday...

I don't know if I mentioned this or not...Caitlin Chrisman qualified for the 2012 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials to be held in Houston next January! (Megan Hovis already qualified) I get to run with both of them usually once a week...how cool is that! Bill Shires, 45, just ran a 2:40 at the same race...what a remarkable result! Mike Beigay ran a strong 2:47 and is already eyeing his next one!

Question: Who is the only man to finish 4 Olympic marathons?


  1. I have to admit you might have stumped me on this one. I had 2 guesses and looked them up and both were incorrect. Mamo Wolde had run in 4 Olympics (1960, 1968, 1972, 1976) but only did the marathon in 2 of them. My other guess would have been Erick Wainaina who was 3rd in the 96' Olympic marathon, 2nd in the 00' Olympic marathon and 7th in the 04' games. But he did not run in a fourth Games.

  2. Mark, thanks for playing trivia with me! After Abebe Bikila, Mamo Wolde was my biggest inspiration. I appreciate you giving him, as well as Wainaina,a shout out.

    The correct answer, however, is Robert "Deek" De Castella. He had a marvelous career yet never won an Olympic medal. Also, he did not follow or subscribe to the Lydiard method of training. He believed/followed a plan of 3 workouts a week (all year round) consisting of a hill repeat session, a long run and a speed/track session.

  3. Great post.. get over the Pulaski Bridge and kick butt on the second half!!

  4. You 'n me both brother! It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n roll (and run a good marathon!)

  5. I can't believe I didn't remember Deek! He is one of my favorites. But that got me to thinking and Steve Moneghetti also ran 4 Olympic Marathons (88,92,96,00) so Deek must have been the first to do it and Moneghetti the second.

    Those Aussies just don't were out I guess.

  6. You never cease to amaze me both with your running knowledge and the way in which you structure/design workouts for competitive distance runners! Keep up the great work...