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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 X Cherokee 10 milers...7 with the dog!

This past Saturday, I ventured over to the Dowd Y to run an old standby called the Cherokee 10 miler. I would run this 2 times to get my longest tempo/marathon paced run 4 weeks out from New York City. Unlike Dathan Ritzenhien, I didn't have to travel to the Nike campus to do it! Ha!

I knew that I was flying solo on this run, and therefore, I had to do all the work myself. Up at 5am, I started the first 10 miler at 5:40am (very early) yet it will be 9:40am come race day, so naturally, my heart rate will be a lot higher to start (that is a good thing).

I stopped at 10 miles, had a Gu, drank some water, and started the next 10 miler. Here are my splits:

1st 5 miles: 32:15
2nd 5 miles: 31:22
3rd 5 miles: 31:34
4th 5 miles: 30:49

Total time: 2.06:00...reasonably pleased!

I was disappointed with the overall time as I would have liked to have gotten closer to 2 hours. Having said that, I was very pleased with how I felt and how I kept my foot on the gas. It was early and dark...

Drove right home, had oatmeal and fed the dog, then took the dog on a 7 mile run in 56 minutes for a total run of 27 miles!

Easy 7 miles for Mon., Tues. and Wed. and then 10 * 800 with the fast guys...should be fun!

Question: Who is the only female marathoner to run 2.15?...sick!


  1. Wow, that is an impressive workout. You are getting very fit Mr Spada. This workout reminds me of one that Renato Canova advocates for those that can handle it in their marathon specific training.

    6 am: run 13.1 miles with the first half at an easy pace and last half at marathon race pace.

    6 pm: repeat of the morning workout.

    As for the trvia question: the answer is the taller of the two ladies in the first picture on the following page:

  2. As you know, Mr. Canova will be at the distance summit at the end of the year at Queens. Tough to stump Mr. MPR! Thanks for commenting...

  3. an easy question for the Brit! see you in the am- bring your wheels

  4. oh and great workout by the way! Watch out NYC!

  5. Looking forward to the morning! Paul enjoyed his workout with you...

  6. I am a moron! Of course I meant to say Richard. Super job this morning for you and Jay. Me, I was just a squirrel tryin' to get a nut! See you at the lake...

  7. Steve,

    You are stringing together a lot positive workouts. This is always a good sign before a marathon.

    We have to sync up for a run at least once before you head out to NY.

  8. Thanks Bill and we will! I had to blog (and brag) about your marathon exploits at Twin City...was a fantastic result!