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Monday, November 1, 2010

10 mile progression run...8 days out!

I've always done a 10 mile tempo/progression run the week before a marathon as a test to see where I am at.

This past Saturday I met up with Billy Shue who brought along Kent Morris and Michael Heafner to help out with the workout. The plan for me was to work my way into the run and hit 60 minutes or just over if I wasn't on. We met up at McMullen Greenway in South Charlotte and it was brisk. After a 2 mile warm up and some procrastinations (they call it stretching...ha!) we were off...

I thought we got out reasonably well, yet when I looked at my watch right at the one mile mark it showed 6:44 (dang), no worries...

We started progressing from there and I think the second mile was just under 6 minute pace.
The splits were as follows:

1 - 6:44
2 - 5:56 (12:40)
3 - 5:50 (18:30)
4 - 5:46 (24:16)
5 - 5:44 (30:00)
6 - 5:46 (35:46)
7 - 5:50 (41:36)
8 - 5:47 (47:23)
9 - 5:45 (53:08)
10 - 5:42 (58:50)

From the second mile on it was work, yet it never got harder than work! A good sign I think...

Billy and I worked really well together and here is how it went:

We're together at 1, Billy surges and puts 2 meters on us, I bridge the gap by 3, we run together to the turnaround at 5, we're still together at 6, I hear him laboring (I was as well, albeit not too bad), I get a gap on Billy, he catches me at 9, at 9.5 he throws in a surge, which I cover, with a quarter to go, he throws in another surge and finishes 3 seconds up!

Very nice to have Kent and Michael out there. Very cool to to see BMac at the 2 and 8 mile mark! I high fived 'em at the 8 mile mark. The second to last piece...

Had a nice workout with Jason G. Holder on Tuesday for 3 X 25 minutes w/a 5 minute jog...tough!

Since I am only doing 2 workouts/week and 5 easy/recovery days, I feel as though I am tapering each and every week. Therefore, I am really not tapering for my race on Sunday. I have really been focusing on my 2 key workouts for the week and keeping my mileage at about 65/week. We'll see how this prepares me for Sunday...

My next post will be somewhat of a prediction...

If you are runner tracking me, My bib # is 1236, and you can go to the NYRR website.

Question? What was Abebe Bikila's (my inspiration) bib # in 1964 in Tokyo?

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