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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First workout since NYC and noteable Richmond performances!

Since the New York City Marathon, I have strictly focused on 7 mile recovery runs with one longer run last Saturday with Billy Shue. Muscle cell trauma (soreness) is just about gone completely.

This morning I planned on running with the Miner Crue yet it would have been difficult to get back home in time to go with my son to the middle school for the Father's Coffee in the gym.

So last night I decided to run on the treadmill at work at dark thirty!

The goal: 10 miles in 60 minutes with a 1% grade
The result: 10 miles in 60 minutes with a 1% grade (as Mark Hadley would say...a callousing effort!) It was work and I noticed with my foot strike that I still land slightly with my heel with a braking motion. How counter productive this is! I wish that I could land on the balls of my feet with my feet under me.

I believe that this is how Alberto Salazar is trying to correct (change) Dathan Ritzenhein's gate. I am not saying that that is a bad thing. I hope that they find success with this approach. AlSal has always been a tinker with all things running (think DMSO!)

10 mile progression run with the Shoe on Saturday from Dowd...should be fun!


Paul Mainwaring- 2.35:11 running very even splits. The Captain and his coach were justifyably proud! Having trained with (run behind) Paul at least once a week over the last 6 months, I can tell you that he is driven, consistant and thoughtful. Outstanding result!

Jason Holder- 2.40:28 running with stomach discomfort. Jay went with higher mileage this cycle and posted some outstanding workouts over the last 3 months. He was ready...the new PR proved it!

Aaron Linz- 2.41:32 while grinding his way through the streets of Richmond! A new PR! While he is pleased with the effort, he knows that there is more in the tank (those are his words)...

Also...OBX Marathon:

Bill Shires- 2.41:33 running the first half in 1:18 and change having just completed his last marathon some 6 weeks ago! Amazing stuff from the 45 year old and an inspiration to me...

Congratulations guys!

Question: She hails from Marblehead, Mass., just ran her first marathon in 2:28 which was good for 2nd overall @ NYC. Who is she?


  1. Never hard to look at! Super performance @ Richmond...

  2. Oh shalane... She is welcome anytime in Charlotte!

  3. Aaron...I never get tired of looking at her! What is the deal?