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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Last Stress Workout...4x5, 3x1

After my strong workout on Saturday, I followed that up with a 7 mile recovery run on Sunday and easy 7 milers on both Monday and Tuesday. This set me up nicely for this mornings workout...

It was 4 days out from the big one and I wanted to keep my metabolism up and keep the pop in my legs. So for this morning, embedded in a 7 mile run I ran 4 X 5 minutes with a 2 minute jog (stolen from Mark Hadley by way of Jay Holder). I followed that with 3 X 1 minute with a 1 minute jog (stolen from Bill Shires). I felt good.

For the rest of the week: 6 easy on both Thursday and Friday, and 4 easy on Saturday morning.

Itinerary for the weekend: Playoff game on Friday night, early run Saturday, shower, oatmeal, say goodbye to family, neighbor drives me to airport, brother picks me up in Newark, takes me to packet pickup (Jacob Javits Center), to parents and to spend the day with my huge, beautiful family (they all come into the city to watch), my brother drives me straight to the Verrazono/Narrows Bridge Sunday morning, chill until race start for me which is 9:40am (runner track me #1236), run strong for 26.2, sister drives me back to Jersey, enjoy rest of day with family (my wife is going to be planting pansies with her Blackberry, and having beeps go off every 5k), fly back on Monday morning, wrestling practice and parent meeting on Monday afternoon, we'll hope for the best...

For the New York City Marathon, there are 3 waves plus an elite womens start. The elite women go off at 9:10am (this race serves as the womens marathon national championship), 9:40am is the elite and sub elite mens start (me), and 2 more waves after that in 20 minute intervals. It is a little crazy because our staging area is at Fort Wadsworth, and then about a half hour before the start, the organizers herd us onto the bridge and that gets a little tight...

Thanks to all of the club members who have helped get me to this point. They include: Paul, Billy, Aaron, Caitlin, Jay, Megan, Mike, Ben, Jordan, Stan, Mo, BMac, Chris, Meagan, Bill. I appreciate it...

Question: What famous "sub" spokesperson will be running Sunday with 44, 000 other runners?


  1. Jared- you'll beat him. And don't forget the Chilean miner!

    Best of luck on Sunday Steve. I have every confidence you are going to shine. Looking forward to tracking you!

  2. Thanks Paul! Great to have been a part of your training block...best of luck to you @ Richmond...