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Friday, September 2, 2011

3 by 2 mile repeats w/ Caitlin & David

That would be Caitlin Chrisman and David Willis (just met...very nice)

Met everyone out at McAlpine this morning for another Jay Holder pre, pre, send-off...always fun! I actually ribbed him this morning about Nope! Dope!

So we start running easy and all of a sudden we come up on a dead body...crazy stuff! It was Billy Shue and he pulled it off!

After a 3 mile warm up...it was time to get down to business. The workout would be 3 times 2 miles with a 2 minute recovery...fair enough! My plan was to hang out on the first one which we hit in 11:44. My plan on the second one was to open up on the second mile which I did as we hit 11:24. My plan on the 3rd one was to open up early which I did as we hit 11:14. I felt good the whole time even though I was working the second half of the workout. Caitlin was her usual strong self and David was a nice addition!

Got a long one in the morning with a great crue...should be fun!


  1. I;m doing this workout Wednesday....been thinking about it for weeks...but I think it is actually 4X2 mile this time around. Nice job.

  2. Meggan, I hope it goes well. I just realized that we must be in pretty similar shape by our times...pretty cool!