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Monday, May 3, 2010

That was tough!

The following workout on Saturday came from Paul (by way of Tim Budic):

I ran 2 miles on my own and then met Paul, Billy and AJ (first workout with AJ) at McAlpine for a tough one! Another mile and a half warm up and then a 3 miler that I did in 17 minutes on the dot (and it was pretty close to all out/very hard) as I was 10-12 seconds back of Paul (no complaints there), and then an 800 meter recovery which I needed all of, and then a mile in 5:30, followed by another 800 meter recovery (again, I needed all of it), and finally another mile in 5:40 and then a mile back to the car (the girls were getting their hair done for the 1st communion mass). Very pleased with the effort, disappointed with the second mile that was 10 seconds slower than the previous, and very pleased with my assertiveness on the 3 mile tempo. Overall I give it a solid B! Great to have the guys out to share the pain with...

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