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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tempo @ Micky D's...

Check this out! Overslept, got up at 6:20am and made it to McAlpine at 6:29am (God's honest truth!), Aaron, AJ and Paul were gracious enough to wait for me. I did a couple of small loops around the parking lot (warm up?) and then we were off!

6 miles in 34:49 and then a 1 mile recovery and then a mile in 5:39 and I was back at my car. The workout was awesome. We all got out well and then Paul made a break from us at around 2, and Aaron was nice enough to hang around me, then he put a gap on me and I was able to get back to him and I kept going past him and made it to the turnaround and then stayed strong to the 2 mile mark (6 miles in 34:49 and 34:13 for Paul I believe), and Aaron was just a tick behind me. A 1 mile recovery followed and then 1 mile back to the lot in 5:39 and Paul was there at the finish to cheer me in, and I turned around and there was Aaron. It was nice that Aaron and AJ came out and joined us. I'll do just an easy 8 at McAlpine tomorrow morning because we're getting after it on Monday...


  1. Great workout, Steve. I see foresee supper fast times in your future.

  2. Thanks Bill! You bring out the best in all of us...

  3. Ha, toooooo kind u are :) U sensed my pain and put about 10 meters on me right around 3 miles which was wise. I could never get you after that. I was 35.16 so you kicked my tail real good! Darn nice workout and as always enjoyed getting it done with you all.

  4. You, my friend, are the kind one! That workout put the kabosh on me for this morning's trek as I simply had nothing...thanks again for coming out!