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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ritzenhein sets AR for 5000 meters!

I know that this happened in August of '09 (Zurich) and as I was watching it today during lunch, the last 2 laps had me in tears! The way in which Dathan ran his last 5 laps faster than everyone in that high class field was captured brilliantly by the announcer, Tim Hutchings (one of my favorites). If it is inspiration that you seek, check out the video of this race on "you tube" by simply googling "Dathan Ritzenhein"...enjoy!

Speaking of great races with phenomenal finishes, check out the final of the men's 10,000m from Sydney (2000). I have it on tape from Bud Greenspan's collection and I never get tired of it!

While checking out my e-mail messages this morning after a fabulous 11 mile Miner's Run with the crue (Motley), I received a nice follow up e-mail from Weldon Johnson (of Let's run.com fame)...very cool!

Hat's off to Solinsky, Eaton, Derrick, Gay, Blood, Acosta and everyone else who has preformed so well recently...

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