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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"It was carnage!"

I knew I was tired. This was a butt kicker! Met Paul at P.D.S. for a track workout. Three and a half mile warm up and then a mile in 5:23 which I was pleased with, and then a 1 lap recovery and then 2 X 1K which were brutal and I even had to walk the recovery and then start again with Paul, and then a 6 hundred, followed by a final 1K, and then I ran right home and made it back by 6:29am 'cause my wife and daughter were leaving at 6:30am (I was more impressed with leaving my house at 5:20am, running to P.D.S., doing the workout with Paul, and running home by 6:30am) then I was with my effort with the workout...it was carnage...I could not even jog the recovery...I'll try to recover by Friday night...I can't imagine that people are training this hard...however, that is only part of it and I will not get the benefit without the recovery (super compensation)...we'll see...
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  1. niiiiiiiice... accomplishments before 6:30 am feel SO good.

  2. Wow, you did a really hard workout. Man, I think you are going a great time at Twilight.

  3. Mo...I'll take your last nights dinner over my run ANY day! Save some leftovers...

    Bill...I should have run with the Miner's (sorry Paul!)

  4. Im so sad I missed out on all the fun! :) Great workout guys.

  5. I'm afraid I can't "Mine" again next week as Budic is in town!

  6. tim no longer coming Steve but i'm still planning a fun Tuesday am workout if you're game!