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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"...somewhere in the swamps of Jersey!"

Actually, New Jersey is a beautiful state and I think it gets a bad rap because most visitors fly in an out of Newark Airport (or it could just be Snookie)...

On Saturday, at the conclusion of the Run For Your Life 4- miler, I'm heading up to New Jersey with the kids to spend a week with the Spada Clan (annual event). It's a big family and the week is already filling up and will include: Bagels, Pizza and Calzones (favorite food) and Lasagna (it's awesome and yet my wife's is actually better...sorry Mom), a day in NYC with my brother and his wife (my kids have already named 5 stores that they want to shop in), going to Spring Lake (Jersey Shore), out to dinner with my cousins cousin, followed by the boardwalk at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant, an 8 mile progression run with my old running club (the Sneaker Factory from 15 to 20 years ago)...how cool is that!, etc. etc.

When I get back from Jersey, it'll be August 1st and that will be 3 months out from the New York City Marathon and I will begin my preparation (hopefully with some help from the Hovis') Speaking of training:

I have not felt good recently, and yet I did manage to have a fairly decent workout on Tuesday with Paul, Jay and Aaron. The workout was 6 X 1600 all in at 5:30 followed with a 1 lap recovery...not bad.

We'll see what Saturday brings...

Question: Today's post title refers to what Springsteen song?


  1. You gotta do better than that... it's Rosalita obviously :) I am SO JEALOUS of your NJ trip/food festival. Enjoy the trip!

  2. Thanks Crock! It is a food/family/fun fest. Please don't make me wait 'til the 4 mile mark to catch you...Ha!

  3. U the man Spada! Good luck in the 4-miler this weekend and an injury free build-up to the Big Apple!

  4. Mike...glad to see that the surgery was a success! Looking forward to a pre NYC long run with you. Recover well!

  5. Hi Stephen - I found your blog...looks great. I will be sure to check in every once and a while.

    Thanks for the 8 mile run this morning - it was great...especially with the weather breaking...what a difference!

    I think it was about a year ago that I met your Dad at the park. Ever since then, whenever we saw each other, he would always talk about you. And he would always say that the next time you are in NJ, we should get together for a run. Well, I never really thought it would happen. Partly because I thought the last thing you would want to do is go for a run with a complete stranger. And, while you are on vacation and visiting famaily (and a large one at that), who would have the time...not exactly high on the on the priority list.

    So, it was great meeting and running with you this morning. Hope to see you again before you head back to NC. Not sure about Tuesday yet, but Friday is good.

    All the best!

  6. Enjoyed the run immensely, and I will see you on Friday! I'm in Manhattan on my way to Dylan's Candy Bar...

  7. Spada.. enjoy the HOMELAND... I miss NJ.. been quite a while since I had a real Italian Ice from the boardwalk in Long Branch or a Freddies Pizza or even a Shickhouse hot dog and chilly cheese fries at the Windmill.

    Have some great runs and food while you are there!!!

  8. Joe...great to see your comment! We're headed to Spring Lake tomorrow as I'm sitting here with 4 slices of pizza in my belly. Inside of a 10 mile run this evening, I managed to run 4 of them in 23:30...I needed that because I have not felt good lately. Tomorrow night I will be thinking of you as I have my Italian Ice on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant...see you next week for the 2 mile time trial...