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Thursday, July 8, 2010

McAlpine run...McAlpine fun!

Caitlin set up a workout at McAlpine of 6 X 1200 meters with a 3 minute recovery using the 3rd mile of the cross country course.

Met Meagan and Jordan, and Paul, Thomas, Billy and Justin at Old Bell and ran towards the course where we picked up Caitlin and Stephanie (Pezz) Pezzuli and continued our 3 mile warm up to the 3rd mile of the course. Paul and Jordan were going easy and, therefore, not taking part in the workout. Got to chat with Jordan which is always enjoyable.

After some last second procrastinations, we were off for the first one. My plan for the workout was to chill out for the first 2 by hanging back in the rear. Stick my nose up front for #3 and #4, and then open up on the last 2. I wanted to assess everyone's cadence, form, etc. Meagan and Caitlin dictated tempo on the first 2 and did a phenomenal job...the boys and Pezz tucked in behind.

For #3, I decided to get up front and run with Meagan (she is awesome!) and help out. Well, Meagan says, "Here comes Spada" and at that point I gave it a little gas and opened up a little gap. At this point, my guess is that Pezz saw this happening up front and wanted to get in on the action. So Pezz starts to go by me and we end up finishing together. It was only #3!

As we are recovering, Pezz sees my signet ring and asks me where I went to college (obviously she thinks its a college ring), so I say Montclair State University and I graduated 22 years ago. To which she says...that's impossible! You're 30 right? Plus 15! Anyway, I have to think about #4, to which Pezz is our leader and Thomas is starting to stick his nose up front and Meagan and I battled all the way to the line (Billy also wanted a piece of the action). #5 starts and Pezz goes to the front yet again, Meagan tucks in behind and now I got a battle on my hands with Caitlin and Billy (at the end, Caitlin would have none of Spada (she was awesome) Still one to go...

#6 was the last one, and I think it is safe to say that everyone wanted to finish up front. The pecking order was Stephanie, Meagan, Billy and me and Justin. Great workout as it was nice to run with such a fine group...


  1. i think we're all going to rock our fall marathons

  2. With the workouts we've been having, I would tend to agree!