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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work bouts...a la Jack Daniels!

I followed Saturdays tempo with a long run on Sunday. I started this 22 miler knowing that I was not equipped with fuel/sugar/Gu, etc. So the question became...when would I bonk? I had passed a few people who had their Iraq belts on and they probably had all sorts of goodies in there. It wasn't until I was leaving Glen Eagles and making my way on to Quail Hollow that I was starting to hallucinate. It was at this point (mile 18) that a driver pulled up next to me and said, "Spada, you wanna doughnut!" He was kidding, yet my answer was...give me a doughnut! He didn't believe me at first. After he realized that I was very serious, he proceeded to tear the sticker off of the box of Krispy Kremes and handed me 1 glazed doughnut. I took it and was on my way and I hoovered it! No...I did not get a cramp! After an easy 10 miler Monday morning, it was time to go back to work for Tuesday's stress-or...

My goal was to do 10 hill repeats on the treadmill but this time with only a 2 minute recovery instead of the usual 3 minutes. Mission accomplished! I hold the speed for the hill portion at 10 miles an hour or 6 minute pace and the incline is at a 5 % gradient. Try it sometime...Jack Daniels equates those numbers with a 4:44 pace. I have no idea, yet it's a nice workout and you very much feel like you could fall off the back at any moment...

I ran an easy 10 miler this morning, I'll have another 2 easy 10 milers on Thursday and Friday before Saturday's monster workout...can't wait! Won't you please join us...

My training is actually starting to give me some confidence...dare I say that it is about time! I am very grateful that I am able to run so consistently and injury free...very appreciative!

Question (I know that I shouldn't ask this!)? What is up with Chuck Sheen?



  1. Way to rock the training workouts. I cannot wait to see how it translate into your races. I expect that I will be watching you run off into the sunset.

  2. Our races suggest otherwise! I am looking forward to at least hooking up for a run with you...thanks Bill!

  3. So, Steve - what is the next race you have your sights on?

  4. I don't have one Dan. We're going to Barbados for Spring break so that rules out Corporate Cup half and Shamrock. I guess it'll be the 5 thousand on the track at PDS. How about you?

  5. Well I'll see you at PDS!
    Thanks for asking...I'm aiming to take on the GPX Series this year. I'm really looking forward to it!

  6. Cool! That's a long series and best of luck to you...