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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quad City Runner...

Last night, my daughter and I ventured over to Myers Park High School to run the track series put on by the Charlotte Track & Triathlon Club. And what a night of running it was...

While my daughter was content to run the 100 meters and the 4X100 meters, I was a little more ambitious (crazy?) and ran the 1 mile, 400meters, 800meters and the 2 mile!

We got to the track at 5:40pm and I immediately started jogging to try and get the kinks out from my 2 hard weekend workouts. Did a 3 mile warm up and then put the flats on. I did another 2 miles of drills, strides, exercises, etc. and then watched my daughter run the 100 meters (very cool).

Paul Mainwaring came out, along with Jordan Kinley (he would pace Paul for the first 3 laps of the mile), Brian McMahon (to run the 8oom and the duece), Meagan (to watch), Pender (mile), Danielle and Chad (very nice couple and Chad would smoke me on each of our 3 meetings), and a few other characters...

The first event was the mile and when people asked me what I was hoping to run I would say sub 5:20 (secretly I was thinking inside of 5:05 and close to 5 flat, sub 70 sec. for the 400 meters, sub 2:30 for the 800 meters, and as close to 11 minutes for the 2 mile. Here are the results:

1 mile run: 5:04

400 meters: 64 sec.

800 meters: 2:25

2 mile: 11:01 (5:30, 5:31)

Pleased with the effort and determination to run 4 hard races, disappointed with Father Time!

I have to give a big thank you to the following people who let us blokes come out and run these races: My sponsor, Tim Rhodes, Tom Deming, Lana Torkildson, Al Pearman, and everyone else who helped out (we are very fortunate). All we have to do is put out!

A nice and easy 8 miler this morning with the ipod (Mathers, Snoop, Train, etc.) and tomorrow there will be another workout with: Aaron, Jay and Paul. We'll be getting after it at McAlpine and the workout will consist of 3 X 11 minutes...

Question: Today's blog title refers to what '90's hip hop/rap group?


  1. The Quad City DJs...they call it the train!

  2. Jay...great call and great running with you this morning as well! That was tough...